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In 1999, Sinder was founded by Mr. Li Zhaoyang.
In 2001, the sales of Poultry drugs of Sinder was No. 1 in China.
In Apr. 2002, Sinder invested more than 10 million to establish R&D deparment, undertook numbers of national and provincial pharmaceutical research topic.
In Dec, 2004, Beijing Sinder-Vet Technology Co., Ltd was founded by Sinder and Beijing Academy and Agriculture and Foresting Science.
In Sep. 2006, Sinder invested heavily to build 6 GMP workshops in our new industry zone, 9 production lines all awarded GMP certificate from Ministry of Agriculture. Which could produce powder, premix, injection, oral solution, tablet, disinfectant,raw material, etc.
In Nov. 2010, Shandong Sinder Animal Vaccine Co.,Ltd awarded GMP certificate of Avian Influenza project. We are the first one could produce Avian Influenza Virus Vaccine by cell suspension cultivation process in the world.
In Dec. 2012, “Sinder” brand was identified as Chinese well-known trademarks by State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.
In 2013, Shandong Sinder Technology, Shandong Sinder Animal Vaccine Co., Ltd, Beijing Sinder-Vet Technology Co., Ltd passed the GMP inspection by Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture. Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd passed the GMP inspection by Australian Department of Agriculture, and got high reputation.
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